Hoorah!  I got a $2477.57 bonus (post-tax) this week!  I feel so thankful right now.

And I’m going to be saving 80% of that into a high interest savings account and the rest will transform into…

Prior to this bonus I had already set aside $200 for it, but this is a pleasant and welcome surprise with the state of the economy and all.  We weren’t even expecting a bonus.

The camera is available at Target for $499.99.  I’ll be using a relative’s Target discount card to chop off an additional 10% off the price.  I know.  I’m shameless…. but every little bit helps, and a $50 discount is going to be very helpful.

After reading some reviews it seems like this is the one for me.  Aka “beginner-friendly.”  I’ll be using it for:

  • Taking better photos of my dog, Buddy since he’s already a senior and I don’t want to miss out on anything! (I had an elderly dog when I was a kid and the one thing I regret is not taking enough photos of him)
  • Candid family photos when I visit my hometown
  • Better photos to market my etsy shop items

The bonus has already been deposited into my checking account… Perhaps I’ll head to Target this weekend!