Spring cleaning


Spring is here!  And with spring comes annual spring cleaning.  And it could not come at a better time!   I’ve recently discovered that my cable lineup now gives me the Style Network and A&E!!!  I do love me some Clean House and Hoarders.  I could literally watch those shows all.day.long and wouldn’t get tired of it.

I’ve also been inspired by Unclutterer’s How Much Is Enough? post and post-apartment-move-in day I’ve been purging like a mad woman.  This quote really hit home:

Am I owning this object just to own it, or is it an object that my family or I really need and/or find truly inspiring?

And I thought to myself:  Wow.  I really DO own X, Y and Z just to have it around.  They don’t make me very happy and they’re not particularly useful.  I even have 3 pairs of Y, 5 sets of Z and 2 pairs of X’s!!!  All they do is just sit around and collect dust.  (This mantra even works for buying new things as well!  Doubly helpful!)

It is really hard to let go of things that you spent money on.  We all make shopping mistakes and sometimes things don’t work out or our tastes change.  Its hard to toss gifts that friends or family have given you but don’t really need.  I used to shop like crazy at Costco and stockpiled toiletries, deoderant and shampoo.

Every day I’m getting to know myself.  I’m rearranging my needs and priorities constantly.   And I’m realizing I don’t need as much stuff as I thought.

Some pricier things are going to be sold at the consignment store (Coach & Kate Spade sunglasses, Loeffler Randall rosette flats), some are going to Goodwill (cheapie clothing from Target and Forever 21).  I also placed a few things outside near the apartment trash bin.  Mostly unused lotions, toiletries, costume jewelry and decorative items.   At first it was a little strange seeing my things sitting out next to the trash and I honestly tried not to look at them as I walked past to my car, for fear of changing my mind and snatching them back!  Shameful, I know.  But my apartment complex houses many families (with multiple young children I might add) living in little 1 bedroom apartments.  So why not freecycle?

Most of the goods were taken after a day or so and I felt pretty great.  I’ve lightened my load and someone is now enjoying some free stuff!