March 2010 Budget Recap

*NOTE:  This budget is for shopping/food/gas only, or expense that I can control fully.  I’m not including fixed expenses (rent, utilities, medical bills) because they’re fixed and honestly pretty boring to talk about.  My TOTAL spending is not reflected in this budget *

Blown Budgets:


Notable items I bought this month:

1.  Clothes

  • Light denim J Brand skinnies from Loehmman’s – $13
  • Theory navy blue city shorts from Loehmann’s – $24
  • N.E.O. LA black silk jacket from Goodwill – $8.99

2.  Toiletries/Cosmetics

  • Lioele BB Cream from Ebay – $17

3.  Decor

BUT… I did buy a $500 Nikon EOS Rebel XS.

This money will come from my ~$2500 work bonus, so I won’t include this.

Overall budget:


The Verdict?

I did wonderfully this month in terms of spending..especially with clothes and shoes!  With all of the hustle and bustle of moving I’ve been too pre-occupied to shop.  But now that the townhouse is out of the question, I predict I won’t be so ‘good’ in the future.  Let’s hope it doesn’t get too out of hand, shall we?  I’m doing so well with closet purging!

(Well if I do have the urge to shop I have a $40 credit at Crossroads.  I love clothes recycling!)

Next months plans?

  • Cook more, since I have my own kitchen and fridge now.  No more sharing with terrible roommates.
  • Taking some recreational taiko classes this spring;  I did it for 3 years in college and it’s been far too long since I’ve touched a drum.
  • Maintaining my nice clean apartment.  I bought Real Simple’s Cleaning book via Amazon after I read most of it at my local Barnes and Noble.
  • Get rid of more clutter!
  • Fiddle with my new SLR and take some wonderful pictures of family and friends.