I’m cooking!

My latest goal is to cook at least 2 dishes every Sunday afternoon so I’ll have food for the week, and take photos of them using my new Canon EOS Rebel XS.

This week I made…

Strawberry and nutella crepes (just made these this morning)

Gyudon, or beef and onions on rice

Thai pineapple fried rice

Agedashi tofu, or fried tofu with warm tsuyu sauce and bonito flakes

All together now (here’s my attempt at upping my photography skills):

I have a few Asian cookbooks (mostly Japanese cuisine if you weren’t able to tell, haha) and I’m hoping to expand my collection in the near future.  I do have a lot of online recipes saved though.  Most are from Closet Cooking and Almost Bourdain, two fantastic cooks/bloggers!

I even have recipes saved for future dinner parties and the like.  Does anyone else do this?

The bad thing about this new cooking goal of mine is that my grocery bill is going way up.  I’ve already hit my $125 monthly grocery budget!! Oh well.  I’ll try and cut down on other fashion-related spending to accommodate.