Decor: Practicality vs. Warmth

Now that I’m staying in my gorgeous little apartment for another year, I’m thinking about hanging more artwork on the walls and making the apartment feel more inviting and homey.

But after my painful moving ordeal I’m struggling to find a balance between practicality and warmth:


  • Minimalism!
  • Less stuff = less responsibility = less stress
  • Decreased hassle when moving in the future

{via Domino}


  • Includes artwork, decor, vignettes
  • Surrounding yourself with things that inspire you and make you happy!

{via Domino}

I swoon over Domino and Lonny just like any other decor-enthusiast.  And I love perusing through house tours on ApartmentTherapy.  Some renters overhaul their apartments from head to toe and fill their space with beautiful artwork and vintage finds.  I get seriously inspired but then I think of all the painting, the storage space, and lastly, how to pack and haul all that stuff when I move.  UGH! (Plus, I don’t have the funds to collect tons of beautiful things anyway~!)

I envy these types of people because they decorate their spaces regardless of all those issues.  They decorate because they’re passionate about it!

I strive to be a minimalist but in my heart I know it could never happen.  I love pretty things, what can I say!  I wasn’t raised in that way and I love the convenience that extra options give me.  I’d like to find a happy medium!