Taming my shopping bug

I’m sure everyone has heard of the questionable trader flub by now but it was so strange because I was actually watching Apple stock right before 3PM hit last Thursday. And I usually never watch stocks… what a coincidence! Before my eyes AAPL dropped all the way down to $200 per share in matter of seconds… it was truly insane.

Well, now that my net worth has taken a hit I feel like I should step back and re-evaluate my priorities.  I’ve settled comfortably into my new apartment and all my immediate household needs have been met.  Now all I have to focus on is day-to-day life, work, and spending time with my SO and my little pup.

Routine goes hand-in-hand with boredom and when I have nothing to do, I shop.

I just don’t want to get off track and go on some crazy spending spree when I have more important goals to tend to.  Perhaps I need to set a list of holy grail “wants” and just stick to that?

Lately I’ve been ogling vintage Louis Vuitton and Chanel purses.  Sigh.  (Designer purses are just like fatty, sugary foods to me.  They are so incredibly bad for you [financially speaking]…yet SO GOOD.)  Chanel would definitely be my holy grail purse designer but even smaller vintage pieces go for at least $1000, which is nearly what I spend on clothing for an entire year.  That fact makes the price very difficult to swallow.  I have yet to buy a designer purse with my own money…  all of my purses are either vintage hand-me-downs or gifts.

Perhaps one day…


But for now, I think I’ll just try to aim for a $125 Aritzia Talula Babaton boyfriend blazer (above) that I’ve been lusting after.  When I finally get it, I know of 2 lesser blazers I’ll be donating in its place!  I haven’t bought any clothing yet this month so my $100 clothing-budget is still untouched.  I hope I can get through this month without any distractions and finally buy that blazer!!!