The invisible girl: Dressing to blend in

{by twisted fork}

Personal style is all about expressing how you feel and making a statement to the rest of the world: This is me and I’m allowing myself to truly be seen.

I have some great items in my wardrobe that are bold and attention-getting.  But sometimes I’ll say, “I can’t wear that ________.  I don’t feel like I can pull it off and I can’t handle the attention.”

Those are the times when I dress to be invisible.

Generally when I’m dressing for work I try not to call too much attention to myself.  Even when I’m out running errands alone sometimes I just want to come and go without any attention from guys (and girls for that matter).   I’ll dress like an unassuming college kid:  minimal makeup, glasses, loose fitting clothes, simple pony tail, and generic shoes.

All of this invisible dressing simply says:  Leave me be, I’m not here.  I’m too vulnerable to show a hint of who I am. When I was younger I was incredibly shy and I guess I’m not fully removed from it yet.

Isn’t it sad?

I have to stop sabotaging myself from the get-go, saying this is too sexy, too bold, too crazy, too “out-there.” Or, I have a BF and I shouldn’t be calling attention to myself.  Or, I’m serious about my job and this isn’t the place to be stylish.

I’m realizing that I shouldn’t be scared.  I shouldn’t be afraid and worry about what people think of me.

Where are all my shy girls at!?!  Instead of blending in, let’s dress to be seen.