Loehmann’s and Lanvin

Soooo.  There goes my clothing and shoe budget.  I went to Loehmman’s today…  I’m a little embarassed that I’m going overbudget but I have to be accountable on this blog, haha.  Here’s what I bought:

Converse top – $11

Juicy Couture Sunnies – $32

And last but not least…..

Purple Satin Lanvin Pumps from Fall 2008 – $43

As you can tell from the runway pictures it is missing the grosgrain strap across the ankle.  The shoes themselves are in impeccable condition though.  I had a feeling that there was something missing because of the leather loops on the ends but I’m going to try to find some matching ribbon at the craft store tomorrow to fix it up.  Otherwise I’ll leave it and just have the ribbons going across the front of the foot…. thankfully it still looks good that way. (EDIT: They’re fixed!!!)

I had difficult time deciding whether to get them or not because of the strap factor, but I don’t have ANY pumps in my shoe collection right now (I know it’s ridiculous) and I have too many black shoes.   Plus, they’re a classic shape, the toe isn’t too pointy, they fit me perfectly….. and c’mon its LANVIN.  For $43.  (Originally $830)

Sigh. The quality of these shoes is amazing! The leather is incredibly supple and I can’t stop touching the satin.