May 2010 Budget Recap

*NOTE:  This budget is for shopping/food/gas only, or expense that I can control fully.  I’m not including fixed expenses (rent, utilities, medical bills) because they’re fixed and honestly pretty boring to talk about.  My TOTAL spending is not reflected in this budget *

Blown Budgets:

1.  Food and Dining (this equals groceries + eating out)

I took a few trips to Costco, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and a couple Japanese and Chinese markets this month.  The strange thing is, I didn’t eat out much at all…just $13 worth!

I made Tom Yum Soup the other day but forgot to take pictures.  Whoops.  I’ll try to get into my cooking groove once more.

2.  Groceries

Same as above.

3.  Clothing

I bought a Talula blazer from Aritzia for $109.25 after taxes.

4.  Shoes and Accessories

My Corso Como black leather Ballasox/Festive flats finally came in the mail and I’ve been wearing them nonstop!  They are truly the most comfortable ballet flats I’ve ever had, and when this pair finally dies I’m definitely getting another pair.  I bought them from Martin+Osa when they were having their 30% off closing sale for $52 after shipping.  (Wendy from Nitrolicious also has a review for them here; this is where I first read about them.)

Overall budget:

+$13 left!

The Verdict?

Not bad.  I did shop at Loehmann’s yesterday but the charges haven’t showed up on my statements yet… I guess I’ll classify those purchases as June spending.

I also sold some clothes to Crossroads over the holiday weekend and got $17 in store credit.  Cha-ching!

Next months plans?

  • I really need to head to the library for recipes!  Since my allergies stopped me in my tracks the past couple weeks I didn’t feel like doing anything domestic. :(
  • Donate a few things to Goodwill that I wasn’t able to sell at Crossroads (just a couple jackets so far… they’re only taking Summer items right now)
  • Cook!  And take more photos!