Searching for Hidden Treasure

The Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure line caught my eye when it first appeared on the shelves in 2009.  I bought Commander in Chic, Hello Kitty, and Gray by Gray.  With the exception of Hello Kitty (too sheer, unfortunately), I found that the polishes were opaque, hard-wearing and rich… 2 quick coats with the easy-to-use brush and my nails looked great!

I heard about the Spring 2010 line/Tracy Reese inspired collection…..  Normally I don’t go ga-ga for Limited Edition collections but I found it hard to resist.  And it doesn’t help my wallet seeing so many beautiful blogger manis everywhere I click. 😛 Jen from frmheadtotoe has some great pics of Hidden Treasure, so please do check it out! :)

Hidden Treasure over Iced Coffee by Steph’s Closet:


Normally I’m not into colorful metallics or bright shimmery polishes… I completely OD’d during my teen years so now I stick to opaques (black, gray, brown) or sheer pinks with a little bit of sparkle.  But I could NOT get Hidden Treasure out of my mind!!!!

Here’s the new, full lineup:


I went on a crazy nail hunt yesterday and drove to 5 different Walgreens and one Rite-Aid to search for the elusive Hidden Treasure polish, but I came up with nothing.  I found most of the new shades during my search but I only bought Iced Coffee and Dive Deeper.  Most stores didn’t even have any seasonal display so some of these shades were misplaced, hiding behind the regular line-up.  So I really had to DIG to find a few.  And I still didn’t find HT.

So that’s where Ebay came in. 😛  I just didn’t feel like searching anymore, so I bought 3 shades online including Hidden Treasure.  Finally.

Well, I now have Iced Coffee, Dive Deeper, Sea and Be Seen, Hidden Treasure, and Ring My Shell.  Phew!  There goes my beauty budget.  Hah.

I’ll have more pics/swatches to come!