I’m heading off to San Diego for my little sister’s college graduation ceremony at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning.  I haven’t had a vacation in a while and I’m so happy to be visiting SD once again.

As far as life updates go, I’m too excited for summer!  Spring isn’t my thing in terms of fashion, but summer energizes me.  I’ve been buying a few things:  5 new nail polishes, a LBD from Express for an upcoming company party, and some blush.  My Etsy shop is also doing well and I’m working on a new project so I can up my sewing skills (making an Eco bag!)

I’m definitely on a makeup kick right now.  Eeep!  (Thanks to Jen, xppinkx, yumeko and Eki! heh) It’s only the 10th and I’m already $2 past my makeup budget already.

Ah, well.  Be back Tuesday! :)  I can’t wait to shop and eat some good SoCal food.

♥ E&I

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