Curbing your spending


(I recently wrote this on tPF but I decided to post this here as well, in case someone else needs some inspiration.)  My budget is definitely going to be in the red this month, so I shouldn’t be shopping this month anymore. :(

There are a few articles I’ve saved that are a good kick in the rear when I’m feeling a bit too spendy… this mostly pertains to shopping, buying name brands, etc.  I subscribe to a personal finance blog by Gail Vaz-Oxlade (you’ve probably seen her on that ‘Til Debt Do Us Part TV show?) I really do like her advice.  Check it out!

Shopping Mania:  shopping just for the hell of it

Too Much of a Good Thing:  bombarded by too many choices!

Are You Spending to Impress? :  keeping up with the Joneses

Lifestyle Inflation:  moving on up in life!  I deserve it!

What Does Your Money Say About You?:  self explanitory. hehe.

I Want it All:  prioritizing what you want!

Conspicuous Consumption:  brand names and their worth

A Supersized Life:  does bigger mean better? (pertains especially to housing)

Clothes you never wear: self explanatory!

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