Finished my eco grocery bag!

I’m done with my eco bag sewing project!  Honestly I didn’t have high hopes for this bag but I’m so happy I completed it!!

I chose a fabric that reminded me of Orla Kiely… the cute fruit print makes me happy every time I look at it.  There’s also a shallow pocket in the front for coupons and such.  All of the inside seams are hidden as well, either in a french seam or covered in bias tape!  This is my first big machine sewing project and I’ve never used a sewing pattern nor bias tape prior to this.  It was a little tricky at first but I got the hang of it with some helpful Youtube tutorials.

Even the sides and bottom are reinforced!

I’m still unsure whether or not to sell it at my Etsy shop or keep it but I’ll definitely be making more.  Practice makes perfect!

EDIT: Just kidding!  I’ll be giving this bag to my friend’s wife for her birthday today 😀

Agh!! I am SO happy :)

♥ E&I