Future T-Shirt DIY

As hard as I try, I can never resist slubby knits and soft tees, especially in unique shapes.  Chiffon and silk blouses have a more grown-up feel but most times they leave me a bit cold.

Bein’ as petite as I am, these looks probably aren’t “suited” for my body type… but you know what?  Who gives a damn!  I’m a tunic + skinnies/leggings girl and proud!! :)

Here are a few inspirational tees that I’ve saved on my Future DIY list:


I love the braided straps and the slouched sleeves.  Tops that show off the shoulders are so incredibly sexy to me.  Casual yet seductive.  I’d probably get a soft men’s shirt from the thrift store, then cut off the top straight across the shoulders.  After cutting out strips I’d braid them together to create the straps.  Then you just sew the straps to the shirt and wa-lah!  You have a similar tee!

Inspirational cropped tee from a recent StyleLikeU interview.  It already looks so thin and soft in this photo… in person it must be amazing.  I’d also looove to emulate this entire outfit.  I even have all the components except the tee!


Oversized boxy tees!  I have one with a sewn-on cinched belt and when I wear it I’ve been told that I resemble a Jedi.  haha.



Just find a square piece of jersey fabric, fold it in half once.  Sew up the sides half way, leaving an opening for the sleeves.  Cut out a hole for your head!  Finished!

Seems simple enough to DIY but we’ll have to see how it pans out when I try this out! :)

♥ E&I