Nailpolish Collection, Revlon’s Minted and Sally Hansen’s Iced Coffee Polish Reviews

I recently went through my nailpolish stash to throw away old bottles and this is what I have left! I don’t have a wide range of colors but I’m slowly expanding my “repertoire!”

The Pinks:

The Blues/Blacks:

The Beiges/Browns/Grays/Glitters:

I also have a single white polish (Sally Hansen Insta Dry in Whirlwind White) that I forgot to include in these shots!

Here is my new addition to the family (and my first green polish):
Revlon Minted Polish (Limited Edition for Spring/Summer 2010)

Here’s my review on it!


  • Readily available (bought it at Target for less than $5, but you can find it at Walgreens too)
  • Inexpensive compared to Essie’s Mint Candy Apple for around $7 with shipping on Amazon
  • Great, unique color! (especially if you’re pale like me)


  • VERY streaky for the first few coats
  • You need at least 3 coats for full opacity
  • Very prone to bubbles

Overall, I still think this polish is worth it despite its problems.  The color is just too pretty!  I’ve already gotten a few compliments on it although I was expecting people to say it looked strange; I didn’t know what to expect since I’ve never tried a green polish before.  This color is currently on my nails and toes right now and I haven’t had much chipping yet after 4 days.  (Sidenote:  I use CND Sticky base coat and Seche Vite topcoat)

Before this I had on Sally Hansen’s Iced Coffee (also Limited Edition):


  • Great color payoff
  • Office appropriate
  • Very shiny!
  • 2 coats to opacity
  • Less prone to chips (at least in my experience)


  • Difficult to find (in stock in 1 out of 4 Walgreens that I’ve been to)
  • Expensive for a DS polish

Mannequin hands anyone?  Just kidding.  Well this isn’t an exact match to my skin tone so it doesn’t give me that effect.  This polish really does look exactly like an iced coffee, and I love the milky consistency of the polish.  I’m getting tired of sheer pinks so this is a great alternative if you’d like a subtle, classy nail.  I can see this as a good Spring or Fall color.

    ♥ E&I