DM23 Circle Lens Review

These DM23’s were my first pair of circle lenses! I bought them at for $19.90 with $5 shipping I believe. These lenses are one of their best sellers and I can definitely see why.

I didn’t want anything too huge or too cartoon like so I went with the DM23’s. They have a 14.0 mm diameter and come with or without prescription. My irises are probably average size and I wasn’t too used to the 14.0 mm diameter at first. My boyfriend at the time said I looked strange but they weren’t overly unnatural in terms of size.  I’ve worn them out 3x now and no one has noticed that I’m wearing fake lenses.

I can wear them for about 4 hours before they start getting dry, so whenever I’m out I’ll carry a little lens case with my regular prescription lenses with extra solution in it.

Onto the pics!

My irises are naturally a medium brown with reddish tinge. Most girls say they have dark irises and I would imagine darker irises would make lighter lenses pop out more, but apparently this isn’t the case according to most reviews.

DM23 vs Natural eye:

DM23 on both eyes in natural light:

I’m pretty paranoid of contacts looking too “fishy” on me so side view is important. (I don’t want to look like a dead fish!) These aren’t too bad.



Lens case from

Lens pattern:

You can see my left lens is slightly lighter than the right. I was bummed at first but in the end you can’t tell on your eyes anyway.

Sorry I didn’t include a full face pic!  Full faced pics weren’t cooperating with me that day. Hehe.


  • 1 year shelf life
  • Inexpensive
  • Natural looking
  • Free adorable lens case!
  • 14.0 Diameter is just right for natural, glossy eyes


  • Drying after 4+ hours
  • Maybe a little too natural for some?
  • Shipping takes a couple weeks
  • Poor quality control has the potential to result in different opacity between your two lenses like mine, but you never know

It’s no surprise that the DM23’s are one of the most popular lenses on pinkyparadise. I also bought a pair of the Geo Tri-Color greys recently so I’ll do a review on them once they come in! :)

Thanks for reading!  And as always, use discretion when buying circle lenses.

♥ E&I