Current personal finance stats 7.22.10


Today I just sent out the final payment for my Japan trip in September. Let’s just say it was a real doozy… I charged several thousand on my credit card since I’m paying for my sister as well. Ooof! My credit card company even called me to make sure that my card wasn’t stolen because the charge was THAT huge… haha. But, I’m willing to pay since this is an experience neither her or I will forget!

401K contribution: 10% pre-tax (100% employer match up to 5%), unchanged

Roth IRA contributions for this year: Roughly $400 per month starting in January 2010; unchanged

High interest savings account deposits: $200 ($100 to ING, $100 to Smartypig); was $100

Investing: I havn’t been investing lately: $0

(The last update was 6.16.10)

Also, I dyed my hair a lighter shade of brown, curled it Japan-girl style and did another Konadicure.  Pics to come…

♥ E&I