Alexander Wang Rocco Baby Duffle Confession

Alexander Wang Rocco Mini Duffle


Confession time. Somehow this *literal* Baby ended up in my shopping cart this morning. I had a cross-body camera bag (Brenda) in my sights but somehow the shopping gods parted the heavens and the Rocco Baby was no longer on waitlist.

I’ve admired this style, formerly the “Coco,” from afar and the $800+ price tag put me off. But the studs and the leather (the gorgeous pebbled leather!!!) are right up my alley.

$329. $340 after shipping. Originally $695 but hey that’s no excuse.

I’ve been saying to myself that if I don’t like it I can just sell it. But… knowing me and my personal taste I most likely will not.


//ban start.

♥ E&I