to market to market!

My coveted lace blouse is finally in my clutches thanks to the wonderful and kind Erika.  One size too big and thus a little loose but it is not enough to deter me :)  My hunger for summery lace has been satisfied thanks to you!

Speaking of hunger… the sole reason of our farmers market trip was to eat freshly baked naan and curry, and wash it down with a large cup of mango lassi.

The cutest little girl was dancing to the music while her mom watched and smiled. Very sweet.

Udderly cheeky!

Stalked a lady with an interesting lace cape for at least 10 minutes… I felt a connection since we were both wearing cream lace :)

I don’t know why I’m grimacing here. Egh. Well.. maybe because I was full of Indian food and I needed a nap pronto.

Forever 21 lace top

Seven for Mankind Jeans

Old Navy Wedges

Crossroads Necklace, Forever 21 Rings, H&M bracelets

Brown duffle from the Philippines

♥ E&I