July 2010 – Las Vegas Photoblog

Here are a few photos from my Vegas trip! I stayed in the ‘burbs instead of on the strip. Sorry, most of my photos are from the daytime and nothing too exciting really.. I didn’t want to bring my GF1 camera around at night at the clubs/bars because it was too bulky and delicate to bring around.

Saw these men’s “panties” at Daiso! Haha.

My host’s adorable daughter and their pup, Chewy:

My favorite Poketo for Target print!  Poketo will be in Target stores nationwide on the 10th but I was lucky enough to scoop it up early.

Cheesy Vegas nails.

Hoover Dam!

Two toned mountains! Sad about the lowering water line but still beautiful nonetheless.

These metal plates were all over the ground. So beautiful!  I wish I could find a gold-toned, metal feather necklace similar to this.

My only pic of me from this trip. 😛

Jackalopes at the gift shop:

Full Target for Poketo haul:

Pedicure with a teeny bit of Konad stars:

Respite from the 108 deg heat! I like my yogurt with lots of mochi and strawberries :3

Went to ‘old’ Las Vegas strip for the first time:

I’m not a big gambler but hung around the casinos a lot.  Visited Aria for the first time since its opening!  Unfortunately the ENTIRE floor smelled like cheap vanilla air freshener.

Also visited the famous pawn shop from History Channel’s “Pawn Stars” show:

Chumlee is my favorite person on the show. Hehe.

I loved this green tattoo building next door. Even the windows are green!

Overall it was a really chill time.  Stayed up one night until 6AM at the club though.  I don’t think I’ve ever pulled an all nighter before that!  Thanks for reading…  nothing too exciting but an excuse to work on my photog skills :)

♥ E&I