my Japan to-do list!

Things to see/do:

Things to buy:

  • maybe a couple eyeshadow palettes? KATE? Lunasol?
  • Fiberwig mascara (as a backup)
  • FALSIES!! (OMG I can’t wait. haha.)
  • a cell phone charm or key fob
  • a cute ring or two
  • some kind of Japanese makeup for an upcoming giveaway :) Any suggestions?
  • maybe some clothes (but my taste is fairly minimal and last time I was in Japan was difficult to find clothes without words/pictures on them!)
  • some special candy!  something I’ve never seen before.

Things I shouldn’t buy:

  • Japanese fashion magazines – I can get them at Kinokuniya across from my apartment and they’re far too heavy to lug around
  • Shoes – again, too bulky but if I find something amazing I may not be able to resist
  • Anything to be found at Daiso because there are 3 in my area already

Things to eat/drink:

  • Tonkatsu curry
  • Sashimi
  • Ramen
  • Matcha milk (my absolute favorite)
  • Omuraisu (my favorite lunch
  • …and a whole bunch of other yoshoku that come my way 😉

The last time I went to Japan I was 17.  I still have a Tarepanda pillow that I bought from that trip!  It never leaves my bedside.

I’m too excited for words!

♥ E&I