storing false lashes?

I still haven’t found a perfect system to store my lashes.  I have over 20+ pairs now and I just store them in a little plastic storage box with a top handle.  My collection is still growing and I need a new storage solution!

There are 2 options that I found on Youtube:

  • Cutting each lash set in half with scissors,   and putting each pair in a slot in a craft floss box
  • Putting each lash set in a jewelry organizer from the Container Store

In my eyes, each option still isn’t perfect.

I don’t really like the idea of cutting each set in half, because when I travel I’ll have to search for 2 pieces instead of one.  Also, I like maintaining makeup packaging in general.

As for the jewelry organizer: the roll up organizer is HUGE and takes up a lot of wall/floor space, and with my teeny little apartment I don’t want a huge sheet of lashes taking up prime real estate! It is also kind of an eyesore, hung up or rolled up. Plus if I ever have people visiting I don’t want my huge collection hanging on my wall. 😛

I like having a box with a handle because its compact and I can take it around easily.  But finding the lashes I want is a pain.

Is there any falsies storage solution that works better????  Any ideas or suggestions?

♥ E&I