weekend photoblog: UCBerk, Fentons, House of Prime Rib, Glaskat

This past weekend was full of food and fun :)

Sushi in Japantown:

Karaoke bar downtown; I didn’t sing because the song queue was insanely long and I’m not one to sing in front of strangers! 😛

Reunited with some LA friends the next day, went mini-golfing (not my best sport), and then had some Tapioca Express milk tea and fried chicken for breakfast.

Drove to Berkeley to get a mini tour and eat once again! Ate at the Cal ‘asian ghetto’ near campus:

I had Chinese fried buns with condensed milk as a snack.

Wore this ring for the day… from Madonna’s Material Girl line at Macys. An exact dupe for Forever 21’s coveted cross ring.

South Hall at the UC Berkeley Campus. So gorgeous! I heard a lot of people thought that this rooftop was where they filmed a scene in Mary Poppins, but turns out it was false. Boo.

I love the lettering of this poster:

Went to Fenton’s ice cream parlor in Oakland for their famous ice cream!

Remember this scene in UP?

How Fenton’s ended up being featured in the movie:

Orange sherbert:

Old fashioned ice cream sundae! This was DELICIOUS:

After we had our fill of ice cream, we waited through a ton of traffic and then promptly went to dinner. LOL. House of Prime Rib in SF (similar to Lawry’s in LA):

Their house salad was SO good!

Prime rib! After eating this HUGE meal I swear I hadn’t felt so FULL in a very long time. So stuffed I almost felt sick to my stomach! But it was worth it.

The next destination on the itinerary was to do an impromptu Facebook visit in Palo Alto (one of the group currently works there) but unfortunately I had to cut out early. :(

..because I had plans to go to a gay club! 😀 Glaskat in SF.

Well, dinner took a while and my friends were already inside… so I had to wait in this HUGE line filled with boys all by myself for nearly an HOUR! Now I know how guys really feel at a normal club. Haha.

Glaskat supposedly was closed for a long time and this was their ‘opening night.’ Thus the huge line. Cover for 21+ was $10 and if you were 18+, you had to pay $15. Whilst in line they were yelling out the prices and this guy next to me said, “Wow I guess 21 is the new senior citizen age.” HAH! Made me feel old!

I’ll end this post with an interesting poster I found there :)

Game boi! Clever 😉

♥ E&I