shopping: what seals the deal?


I’ve been thinking about shopping lately. More specifically, what pushes me to buy an item as opposed to putting it back on the racks.

A few suggestions I’ve picked up:

  • Buy only if it makes you do a happy dance. (this is a GREAT suggestion! If you just feel ‘okay’ about it then its not worth it. It should make you feel spectacular and nothing less!)
  • If there is any aspect of the item that bothers you it will still bother you after you buy it, so don’t buy
  • Buy if its a high quality classic item (think of cost-per-wear! Thanks to shlee for reminding me about this!)
  • Buy only if it doesn’t get you into debt
  • Don’t buy if you already have a similar item


My wardrobe is already stocked with classics… so lately I turn to more trendy items to give it some excitement.  It’s hard decide on a trendy item when you’re trying to incorporate it into your own personal style though.  When is a trend really ‘you’ and when it is it just too much?  I myself like items that have unique construction.  Shredded sweaters or oversized tops with a strange cut for example.


Aside from the occasional F21 item I find myself ‘collecting’ more and more high-end clothes and accessories.  I’m still not sure if this is a good or bad thing because although these things are of higher quality, they are also more expensive.  Now I’m faced with a new problem.  Forever 21 on clearance means dirt cheap prices but the quality is shoddy so its easy to turn away.  But when I see a Prada cocktail dress for $150 at Loehmann’s on clearance, will I buy??   I probably only have 2 occasions MAX per year that would warrant said cocktail dress, but its Prada.  Predicament!!!!

I don’t really know where I’m going with this post.  haha.

I guess I’m just trying to remind myself to be picky… or else I’ll go broke! 😛

♥ E&I