Sam Edelman Zoe Booties

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About a year ago I was at a lounge at Santana Row and a girl was wearing these. I literally could NOT stop staring at her shoes. I had no idea what brand they were but I immediately fell for them.

I have yet to wear these out but they seem super comfy already since I can wear little hidden socks with it. I bought them with part of my birthday gift money this month for 20% off at Lori’s Shoes with a coupon code I googled.

Fall is my absolute favorite season to dress for. I cannot WAIT especially with these babies.

I’m slowly getting turned on to the “ugly shoe” trend. AKA when a certain shoe is so vulgar and insane in some way or form that they’re irresistible. Like the Jessica Simpson Dany platforms, which are next on my wishlist. We’ll see if I actually have the guts though. Eeep!

♥ E&I