turn a skirt into a halter top



I found this beautiful silk Chloé skirt at Loehmann’s for an unbelievable $25 (originally $1475). There is a zipper down the side as well as asymmetrical ruffles. Unfortunately it is a Size 6 and much too large on me. But as I was trying it on in the dressing room, I pulled the skirt up to my chest and realized it would be gorgeous as a top instead.

You can try this with any kind of flowy skirt that loosely fits over your ribcage.

What you’ll need:

  • A flowy skirt that fits over your ribcage
  • Matching thread and needle
  • Wide ribbon
  • Scissors

Slide the skirt over your ribcage and turn it so that a side seam (or in my case, the side zipper) is facing the front. This is going to be the front of the halter top.

Cut 2 lengths of ribbon for your halter top ties. I find longer is better so you have an easier time tying the ties around your neck, so I suggest a little longer than a foot per length.

With a needle and thread, hand-sew the ribbons on opposite sides of the side seam (or in my case, side zipper). Make sure to sew these on securely!!!!

That’s it! Easy as pie.

Here’s a back view:

Another great idea would be to find a long, flowy maxi skirt and turn it into a dress!

Enjoy :)

♥ E&I