I’m back from Japan!

Japan was AMAZING… to say the least.

10 cities, 2 weeks. Saw shrines, temples, shopping malls, 100 yen stores, and department stores, a zoo and an aquarium. Biked for 3 hours around the country side, hired a real-life geisha for an evening, spent hours in a hot spring, saw snow monkeys, pet tame deer, did karaoke, caught up with a couple college friends in Tokyo, had the best beef I’ve ever had in my LIFE, met a Japanese Iron Chef, ate his food and he was nice enough to let me wear a cook’s outfit and take photos with him in the kitchen.

I bought a ton of makeup, a couple tops, a handful of cell phone charms and a few pieces of jewelry.

I ate everything that I had wanted eat prior to the trip: okonomiyaki, katsu, curry, omelette rice, soft ice cream, matcha lattes, yakitori, teppanyaki, sushi, onigiri, hayashi rice, ramen, spaghetti bolognese, and traditional Japanese meals.

The strangest thing was, it was SO DIFFICULT to find flavored Kit-Kats. I’m not even joking. I guess I came at a time when seasonal Kit-Kats weren’t in season! I did find a few throughout the trip but the flavors were unappetizing. Wasabi and hot spicy flavor. No thanks. But 40 minutes prior to my flight back to the USA I found good ones at the airport!! YES!

I’ve also rounded up a pile of goodies for the upcoming giveaway. Makeup, eyelashes, Hello Kitty stuff. And yes, it includes Kit-Kats. So watch for that post. Then a little bit after that I’ll start up the blog sale.

I’ll end this post with a few pics…I found the CUTEST little shop selling jewelry components so I bought a few things to make a handbag charm. After 2 weeks in Japan and seeing what all the local girls wore I did go a little CHARM crazy. They love to accessorize EVERYTHING.

I wanted to go with a gold, red, white and black theme and ended up with a strawberries, chocolate and tea time theme.

The end result:

I’m still not sure if i want to add the fuzzy ball to it but I can change that easily.

Here’s a little sneak peak of the most distracting part of my trip:

This was a small section of an entire floor of makeup and skincare in a department store.

I KNOW. PURE HEAVEN. And without the cost of import mark up. (!!!)

More pics to come… Between my sister and I we took 8.92 GIGS of photos. Sigh.

♥ E&I

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