Japan Trip 2010 – Tokyo Part I

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(I have WAY too many photos to post all of them, so I’ll just post a sampling instead and skip most of the touristy things.)

The very first thing I noticed when I stepped off the plane was how DARN HOT and HUMID it was. For most of my trip I had to put my hair up in a bun, which I don’t normally do.

Getting ready… most times we stayed at the Toyoko Inn. I guess its the equivalent to Motel 6’s as far as value but about 15x nicer in terms of cleanliness.

Vending machines are everywhere. I really miss them :(

These drinks cost about USD$1.44

Passed by the CUTEST pet shop called “Baby Doll.” Their puppies and kittens are horrendously expensive but I swear Japan has the most adorable pets. Every dog that was being walked by their owners was adorable. Didn’t want to take a photo inside because I wasn’t too sure of their photo policies.

Convenience stores!! They’re all open 24 hours a day and they are fabulous for cold drinks and yummy snacks. Each store type has their own in-house cosmetic brand as well.

I these Kanebo blushes were 1260 Yen… at the time after conversion it was a little more than USD$15. Even for a drugstore blush I feel like it was a bit pricey, but IMHO Japanese makeup can do no wrong. Haha.

Special Hello Kitty promotion:



Went to an izakaya for dinner that night… forgot what the other dishes were so I’ll leave a single picture of some delicious gyoza!

Did some sightseeing and checked out the shopping areas via subway… So many people were dressed up in light layers but it still seemed like too much for me. No girls were dressed in tank tops! If they wore a strappy dress they always had a white T shirt under. Interesting.

I liked this girl’s style :)

Saw Rumi from Fashion Toast on a subway ad and just had to snap a pic!

There was this stand-up noodle bar where you eat your noodles standing up so you can rush off to work, etc. right after. I guess standing up whilst eating is just a little too uncomfortable so it makes you eat faster? That’s my guess.

Looking solemn because it was too hot. Lol.

Saw a KFC.. (their breakfast menu)

A Skinfood store for the first time! Didn’t buy anything because I think I have enough BB creams.

Their latest window ad for caviar-based skincare I believe.

Passed by a fancy grocery store too just to check it out! I love how they package things. They are always skilled in making the mundane so beautiful.

I think someone was filming a commercial here. The extras kept walking back and forth during filming.. which was quite interesting to see.

This was nearby the Harajuku area… lots of high end designer stores. Too expensive for my limited budget unfortunately!

Doing the touristy thing (on a different day)

Had some ice cream to cool off.. matcha + vanilla soft cream

also saw these ice cream vending machines!

Snapped a cool pic of a worker cleaning the walkway. They are very keen on sweeping and washing the streets in Japan… even when it doesn’t seem like its dirty. So amazing!

Visited Hachiko in Shibuya

The 109 :) My favorite spot in Shibuya

Only one pic from the 109 because I was REALLY distracted and just wanted to window shop instead of taking pictures. LOL. But more mall/shopping photos to come in a later post in a different city.

Had to get in this pic of Totoro :) Got a little guy for my car.

Saw a really gorgeous window display for Issey Miyake’s new bag line called “BAO BAO” opening up in the Ginza

At the basement floor of this Ginza department store there is a HUGE floor filled with delicious foods and bentos. Sigh. So jealous. Meats, cheeses, fruits, cakes, desserts, breads, sushi… anything you could ever want.

Marshmallows with faces on them :)

Chocolate roses

Speaking of food… forgot my order of photos but we also went to DENNY’S in Japan which is all kinds of wonderful. Absolutely nothing like the Denny’s in the states.

Shared an omelette rice… SO DELICIOUS

…and washed it down with kiwi juice with a small scoop of kiwi sorbet! YUM

Okay that’s it for Tokyo Part I… phew!

♥ E&I