Japan Trip 2010: Kanazawa

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Kanazawa is a seaside city in Japan. They’re famous for its seafood and gold leaf… they even put gold leaf on their ice cream and in their body lotion!

Entrance to the JR Station at Kanazawa:

They had a water clock made out of tiny little water spurts that flashed the time and short phrases in Japanese and English!

There was this interesting line of shops that had a small stream running under it. Very pretty. Why can’t we have running water under our favorite shops in the US?? 😛

Visited a famous samurai house with one of the most beautiful backyard gardens in Japan.

Scenery pics from Kenrokuen Garden… one of Kanazawa’s biggest tourist spots. It is HUGE and spans over 25 acres.

I swear when I get a house with a backyard I’m definitely going to look to Japan for inspiration.

We checked out a little toy arcade filled with crane games. The toys are SO CUTE!!! The prizes are 100x better than the ones we have here…

I LOVE CAPYBARAS!!! You can see they’re wearing Halloween themed outfits and hats here:



Me playing the taiko game:

Onto the food!

There were little tourist shops in the garden that sold vanilla ice cream with gold flakes… They seemed a little expensive for a gimmicky ice cream so I didn’t get one.

I did see some of that gold leaf lotion tho! Ridiculous.

My sister and I played taiko in college so she wanted to grab a Happy Meal from McDonalds. On the right you can see their bacon potato pie, on the bottom they have “Shake shake” chicken and on the left you can see the classic McDonalds apple pies that are fried like ours was back in the day! I find it interesting that the asian McDonalds I’ve visited only has fried pies instead of baked ones.

We ate at a little seafood restaurant with fresh eel, shrimp and fish. There was also some gold leaf sprinkled on.. I don’t know if you can see it but there’s a big piece of gold leaf on the bottom right of the bowl.

There was a fancy shopping mall near the rail station and it had my FAVORITE tea shop of all time! Lupicia! 😀 I’m so lucky to have one 5 min from my apartment. *GUSH*

Random pic of a clothing shop nearby.. I know its not food but I had to put it somewhere. The fashion in Japan is so different from the US. Well there are a few similar pieces but the way they put it together in an outfit is so interesting.

And speaking of tea there was a gorgeous little green tea shop that sold various green tea drinks and desserts. Nana’s Green Tea!

Check out the spread!

Mine was on the left and my sister’s is on the right. I think she ordered a drink with some kind of mochi jelly.

I had matcha ice cream and white mochi balls in mine :) MMMMmm I can still remember the taste. So good!!

Some more food porn:

Their variety of desserts are AMAZING.

Omelette rice :)

We bought this really cool bento at the train station one night… it HEATS UP THE FOOD FOR YOU when you pull a little string on it. INSANE!!!!!!

The string:

I got pretty annoyed because my sister was going to take a video of it… she pulled the string and it started STEAMING!! But she then realized she had the wrong mode on the camera and it was too late to capture the magic. Darn.

It was so cool though. Oh well. It was a gyudon bento… beef over rice.

Near Nana’s Green Tea shop there was a little booth of GORGEOUS donuts in the most delectable flavors I have ever seen:

I was dying to have one so I picked this out…. raspberry custard flavor! And in a delicious baby pink!

It turns out they are MOCHI donuts!!! Instead of dough!! I had no idea until I finally held it. haha. Here are the instructions:

Not the greatest picture of the insides but I couldn’t show off the insides with a clean bite because the mochi was so mushy. You can kind of see the custard surrounding the raspberry jelly inside.

Next city: Hiroshima

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