shopping at Crossroads Trading Co.

After eating lunch and thumbing through the latest Lucky Magazine I felt compelled to so some shopping… but I didn’t want to spend too much. I had roughly $40 in Crossroads Trading Co. store credit because I regularly buy and consign there.

I literally spent 2.5 hours browsing, going through every single rack. I’ve found few amazing items there in the past so I wanted to take my time.

A few things that I tried on today: (all pics were taken by my phone, so I’m sorry about the quality!)

Banana Republic purple dress with pink piping in size OOP for $17.50:

This looked cute on the rack but unfortunately it was too tight in the chest :( And the length was too long. Pass.

Kimchi and Blue chiffon tunic with charm print in size Small for $20 I think:

Cute print with variegated sheer stripes… but felt too frumpy on me especially in the chest area. Very much a “makes-me look-pregnant” top. Pass.

Blue Bird dress in size Small for $22.50:

This picture looks pretty unflattering.. yech… but I liked the dress. I’m a sucker for stripes. Actually I prefer it as a top so I’ll either scrunch it up or cut the bottom off completely and wear it with jeans. There is a sheer layer of grey cropped chiffon on top which I really love. I wanted to get this before at the Loehmann’s in San Francisco but they didn’t have my size. I guess today was my lucky day. Buy.

Looks MUCH better as a top:

Club Monaco low back top in Size Small for $15:

I really wanted to like this top, and it looks good in the pictures but the ruffle is just TOO HUGE and made me feel like I was wearing a clown collar. Haha. Maybe it would have been better if I found an XS? Too bad because it looks fabulous from the back. Also, I wouldn’t know where to wear this out to… I’d imagine a Sunday brunch? But this is still too fancy and flouncy for me. Sigh.

Rachel by Rachel Roy navy blouse in Small for $22:

I saw this at Macys a few times and I fell in love with the gold lattice detail in the front and the back of this blouse. I DESPERATELY wanted to love this but when I put it on I couldn’t see myself wearing it. Maybe a little too Blair Waldorf for me? Granted, it looks gorgeous on the model pics (well the model is taller and has a longer torso!) but I felt like it was so boxy and shapeless on me. Am I wrong about this???? I’m wondering if I made the right choice by putting it back on the racks? :( Again, would probably look better in an XS since the Rachel Roy site says a small = size 2 to 4. BOO.

Well to end this on a good note I did happen to find the Alexander Wang / Gap motorcycle jacket from 2009 for $15. And in a size Small. :)

It’s not an XS but it fits my shoulders well and the loose silhouette works!

So after using my store credit the jacket and tank dress came out to $3.26 :) Yay! I love shopping especially when it doesn’t kill my budget. ;D

♥ E&I