Japan Trip 2010: Kurashiki

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(Unlike the other Japan posts…this will be a short photo post… there wasn’t much to see here.)

Kurashiki is a small city west of Okayama, Japan.

I didn’t stay here for very long but the highlight of the trip was biking through the countryside rice patties.

This was my first time seeing rice in its original form… nice to know since I love it so much…I eat rice with EVERYTHING.

Yes, the sky was that blue. Perfect for bike riding.

We rode around for 3 hours… I had never been at such peace in my life.

Passed by this interesting little booth.. it’s actually a rice vending machine! I guess it shouldn’t have been a surprise since Japan has vending machines for everything.

For lunch we stopped by this little ramen shop in the middle of the rice fields.

Le menu:

Strangely enough this is how you pay for your meal… you guessed it. VENDING MACHINE!

You look at the menu, find your item on the buttons and put in your money. A ticket pops out and you give it to the waitress. That’s it!

UGH I’m a terrible blogger and I forgot to take a photo of the ramen because I was so hungry. Whoops. Well, I’ll just end this little photo post with a cute pic.

Kapybara booklet at the train station!

Hope I didn’t bore you….Don’t worry the next post will be better.. I promise! ^^;;;

Next city: Kyoto

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