Current Personal Finance Stats 10.27.10


401K contribution: 10% pre-tax (100% employer match up to 5%), unchanged

(BUT a Roth 401K option is going to be added to my work benefits next year and I think I’m going to contribute to that as well.)

Roth IRA contributions for this year: Roughly $400 per month starting in January 2010; unchanged

High interest savings account deposits: $500 per month ($100 to ING, $400 to Smartypig); was $200

Investing: I havn’t been investing lately: $0

(The last update was 7.22.10)

And off topic… I did a new Konadicure (posted to Twitpic already)

Konad Special Polish in White
Konad Plate S9
Rimmel 399 Black satin
Pa glitter polish
Kleancolor nail art polish in silver glitter
Seche Vite topcoat

♥ E&I