Halloween 2010!

Just a few photos from Thursday’s Yelp Elite event party….

I was a military pin up (costume here) for Halloween but everyone thought I was a flight attendant. ehh I guess that works too! haha.

This guy’s costume cost $1K!!! When he told me I was shocked.. thats a lot of money just for a costume.. but he said he wears it every year. I guess he’d have to wear it at least 10x to get a good cost-per-wear amount out of that D:

Everyone’s favorite Jersey Shore girl… SNOOKI!!! Look she even had the pickle too! FAB! Its not shown in the picture but she also had leopard print slippers. 😀

Better shot of the costume:

I SO WANT TO BE LADY GAGA in her “Telephone” video… This girl’s costume WAS SO HOT!!!! Faux hawk cigarette glasses and everything!

Alice in Wonderland and the Queen of Hearts :)

No trick or treaters this year… that’s what I get for living in an apartment complex.

♥ E&I