My InStyle Twitter Contest Prizes!

My friend Kileen and I both won prizes from InStyle magazine via twitter… we had to be the first to answer various beauty questions from their November 2010 Issue.

The question that I answered was: What is the new fragrance by Fergie called? The answer: “Outspoken”

Yep….we gotz fast fingers :}

I just got the package yesterday!

The note inside:

Comes with Kate Walsh (from Private Practice) “Boyfriend” train case…so cute for traveling!

Comes with body creme, dry body oil, eau de parfum, pulse point fragrance, and candle.

The concept of this fragrance: “you know that delicious feeling of nuzzling with your man? I wanted to capture that. [I missed that] masculine piney scent that lingered on his clothes.”

The fragrance is “a man’s scent made for a woman”. It launches in Sephora in February.

Kileen thinks it stinks… I think it smells like a Las Vegas casino floor. LOL! Too strong. Who knows maybe it’ll grow on me but I do love the train case.

The rest of the goodies: Outspoken perfume by Fergie (still haven’t smelled this yet), Blow Express Blow Dry Lotion, Essie nailpolish in Ballet Slippers and NARS the Multiple in Malibu.

This is my first NARS beauty item…ever.


This “highlighter” seems a bit dark for me. The magazine photo is deceiving… the picture is a light blush pink whereas IRL this shade is a brownish red. I’ll play around with it and see how it goes.

I’m super happy about the Essie nailpolish too :} So far I only have it in Mademoiselle and this is a very pretty color as well.

♥ E&I

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