I’m going to be a homeowner!

It’s finally my time :)  Earlier this year I tried to get a short sale townhouse but that fell through because the bank wanted more money.

Fast forward to now…..We’re closing on my condo right before the holidays! Eeep!

In this last post back in July I posted my condo/townhouse wishlist:

  • Located in an area with good schools

Ehh… the school district ranks 7/10.  Could be better but then again the price of the house is directly proportional to the school district ranking. I can’t afford a million dollar place thankyouverymuch.

  • 2 bed, 2 bath (much easier to sell in the long run)


  • Walk-in closet for the master

Nope :( no more walk-in closet for me. Sigh.

  • Lots of light!

Check!  Corner, end lot~!

  • Open, updated kitchen with lots of counter space

It’s open, has lots of counter space, and the kitchen is fairly new but the counters and cabinets are not my style :T

  • A gas stove (I hate electric!)

Ugh its electric.

  • A washer and dryer inside the unit


  • Adequate storage

I guess this is a check!  It has lots of shelving in the garage plus I have that spare room closet for coats and other things.  Still sad about lack of closet space though but maybe I’ll put in an extra wardrobe in the master?

  • 2 car garage (negotiable)

1 car garage.  Oh well.  Better than just a carport!

And BONUS:  Spacious covered patio!! Woooo!

I can’t believe I’m moving in a month!  Since my last move back in April I purged a lot of things but now I’m having trouble paring down again. :(

I’m already planning out the decor!  Things are happening so quickly for me…  My condo dreams are actually coming true, and at work they’re moving me to a different engineering department because they’re short handed. And as a relative newbie they’d like to teach me some new things…which is great for my job security and resume.  AND it’s a regular 9-to-5 morning shift instead of my 3-to-12 evening shift!  Wow maybe I can have an active social life! Maybe 😛

♪ Things are a’-changinggggg ♫

♥ E&I