Decor on my mind…

I’ve been dreaming of decorating my own space for a long time now.

I collected probably a hundred inspirational decor images over the span of 2 years and now that my dream is going to be realized I’ll admit I’m quite overwhelmed.

How am I going to be able to decorate with such a limited budget?  Can I honestly refrain from buying everything from Ikea?  How is my current furniture going to fit into the picture?  How am I going to layout each room?

Shopping for clothes and shoes is chump change compared to decor.

Area rugs can cost $200 and up…Good quality sofas start at $700.  Just the thought of big furniture shopping sends my mind reeling.

But I’ll try my best to take it slow and “curate” over time.  My hard earned money has to be spent on things that I love so I shouldn’t rush into it.

Anyway here are a few of my favorite inspirational decor images…

*shakes fist*   One day I can have a beautiful little space I can be proud of~!

{sources unknown}

♥ E&I

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