Japan Trip 2010: Yokohama

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Ahhh Yokohama :)

Yokohama is south of Tokyo and is near Tokyo Bay.. it has a theme park and its own little Chinatown!

There wasn’t too much to see here historically so I decided to focus on my favorite things there… food and shopping 😀

Elmo in the lobby:

By the waterfront:

I managed to capture a little fish jumping out of the water (it happened a LOT and at first I wasn’t sure what it was)

My friend works in one of these buildings and on the bottom there’s a MALL. SO JEALOUS.

Onto the shopping pics (mostly decor)!

Pretty little bento boxes reminiscent of Liberty of London prints:

See the donut themed container on the right? Loove!

More whimsical kitchen items:

They had this small section of designer homegoods… these little q-tip containers were nearly 40 bucks! Wow. Still cute though.

I like how warm and clean this dining setup is… Not too cold, far from traditional and very organic.

Adorable little houseplants:

The most adorable little kitchen island:

I’m a big tea drinker and I’ve NEVER seen tea steepers like these…strawberries!

Super cute (and maybe a tad creepy) cat vinyl figures for decor:

A closer look at the lingerie section… I like how in general Asia sells their lingerie in SETS… meaning bras and panties are completely matched and I feel like I’m getting a better deal this way. The ones here are a little more than $20/set:

Deco nails! I wanted to take a photo so I could remember and copy this style.. haha. I love how delicate the pink gradients are for each set. My favorite is the second set!

Bath goods.. seriously I was in HEAVEN. Their jewelry organizers and train cases were super gorgeous… you can see a few of them in the center here:

Super blinged out jewelry boxes:

The prettiest trash cans and toilet brushes I’ve ever seen (LOL)



Plastic and ceramic ANIMALS! Wow so strange especially those purple dinosaurs:

Cute little lamps! The apple ones up top are my favorite:

An interesting bedroom setup called “Glamorous Hunter!” Haha. (I love the string lights):

Bunny shaped pillows:

Pretty baskets with subtle washed out colors… you may think this is boring but I LOVE THIS kind of thing. Everyday items that are functional yet beautiful. I mean, come on.. compare this to what we have: RUBBERMAID.

Danish-modern style couch and coffee table.. the shapes and colors are right up my alley:

Guess what these are: toilet paper holders! And yes that is colored toilet paper:

Reallyyy cute elephant shaped teaware:

Metal “drop” trays.. perfect for ring collectors like me!

Throws in yummy colors:


Super cute vanity mirrors (the ones on the left are my favorite):

Jewel-toned toothbrushes (they actually have a little jewel detail on the bottom of each brush!)

Designer toothpastes by Breath Palette:

0: Mouth Gel (no flavor)
1: Amajio (?)
2: Tropical Pineapple
3: Peppermint
4: Freshness Yogurt
5: Ichibanzumi Green Tea
6: Rose
7: MONKEY BANANA (lolol!)

Slippers (the colors remind me of French macarons)

More bath accessories:

A peek at the food court. Seriously Japan food courts bring ours to SHAME. Look how clean and inviting it is!

Truthfully it was a little difficult to find boba in Japan. I was surprised to finally see a nicely displayed shop… and keeping with modern Japanese tradition they had ALL of their flavors on display in liquid form:

Speaking of food, had a wonderful dinner by the pier with a friend from college and his coworkers:

Mentaiko/fish roe pasta I think:

The most DELICIOUS blend of omuraisu and hayashi raisu:

A little berry tart!

Visited Chinatown:

The most RANDOM assortment of cell phone charms ever: (raw meat, raw fish, sushi, noodles, fruit)

“Poop”/unchii shaped gummi candy that was cola flavored. Yes I tried one.. not bad. Lol.

This was something like.. katsu flavored snacks. Maybe dried fish? I don’t quite remember but how strange is that!?

On a random note… while walking through Chinatown this guy was TOTALLY grabbing his girlfriend’s/wife’s butt.. check her out trying to peel his hand off. HAHA

We saw this massive Korean pop/drama store that sold literally everything you could think of.. and they were all emblazoned with every single K-star you could imagine. Pens, pencils, clocks, calendars, shirts, mugs, you name it!

My friend bought a calendar for his little sister (super cute)


Stairs leading up to MORE shopping! My mom would have died cuz she loves K-dramas. Lol.

Okay that’s it for Yokohama! One more Japan blog post to go!

Next post: Tokyo Part II!

♥ E&I