Japan Makeup Haul

I have one more Japan Trip post to do (Tokyo Part II) but before I do that, here’s what I bought makeup-wise in Japan with quick reviews!

(If you’d like to buy, I’ll try my best to find appropriate links)

From left:

Mini review:

My favorite is definitely the Rimmel Nude Plump gloss! A peachy nude without being too washed out. I’m so sad this is only available in Japan… If we had an opaque nude gloss line for Rimmel in the USA I swear girls would be going crazy!

The Canmake Nudy Glow gloss is more of a milky nude… this one washes me out a bit and I’m still trying to find a way to wear this without looking .. dead. haha. Also still trying to find a way to wear the Candy Doll gloss nicely.. this one feels more “dry” and it accentuates dry skin on the lips.

I haven’t tried out the lip concealer yet.

The INTEGRATE lippie is very sheer and moisturizing. It gives off a very wet look.


A closer look at the INTEGRATE lippie:

Mascara and liners: (from top)

I like the Fiberwig Tiny Sniper.. I guess the fibers could be longer but it’s still okay for lower lashes.

I use the KATE liquid eyebrow pen every day… its basically a very diluted brown eyeliner and it stays put all day.

I haven’t used the K-Palette lasting eye pencil yet, but I bought the K-Palette eyeliner pen as a backup since they sell it here at my local Mitsuwa.

The MM Lash Expander Plus is FABULOUS.. I think I like this better than my regular Fiberwig, actually. It gives off a slight wet look.

I haven’t used the Fiberwig Extra Long mascara yet because I’m still using up my old one.

Extra items:

I ADORE the Parado glitter polish! Its actually used for glitter tips for french manis but I love brushing it all over the nail. I’m going to be so sad when this is gone…Haven’t used the middle glitter polish yet!

The Canmake blush is pretty in the compact and the color payoff is sheer, which is fine for me. I guess its not that remarkable but I’m not a big blush person anyway.


Sweets Sweet Glitter Brown Eyeshadow
Lavshuca Melty Eyes in OR-1
KATE Reflect Mirror Eyes in OR-1
KATE Gradical Eyes in OR-1

I went a little crazy with orange/peach colored eyeshadows. I already have my HG KATE Glamtrick Eyes in BR-1 which is more of a golden-brown palette so I wanted to warm up my eyes with something new!

The Lavshuca palette is my absolute favorite of the shadows I bought… the shadows are so silky and not overly glittery. Fallout isn’t bad either.

The KATE Gradical eyes palette… eh. I’ve seen better color payoff.

The KATE Mirror Reflect palette… I haven’t really used this aside from the center color for underneath my eyes.


Moisture Forming Powder UV in O-20 for F/W 2010

I keep this in my purse at all times for touchups! Honestly this is my first powder foundation and I really like it.

What it claims: Powder foundation in 7 shades with SPF20 and PA++. It has a light texture that helps to maintain moisture, conceal pores as well as provide a translucent glowy effect.

Treatment Lasting Compact UV in O-20 for F/W 2010

I use this everyday now… I MUST find a backup because I LOVE THIS FOUNDATION. Right now its going on Ebay for $50+ so I’m waiting for another option. It’s super smooth and covers nicely.

What it claims: Cream foundation that transforms into powder upon application. This provides long-lasting coverage of pores and moisturising benefits. Available in 7 shades with SPF24 PA++ and can be applied with either a dry or damp sponge. The foundation comprises 70% treatment ingredients and combines the soft natural finish of liquid foundations with the light texture of powder foundations.

Dolly Wink Lashes:
No. 2 and No. 5

Yes these lashes are everywhere! I’ve worn out both types once already and I love how pliable the lash band is. I thought they would be overly long on me but thankfully they turned out okay.

Other lashes:
Couldn’t find info for the top left ones.. sorry :( Its too bad because I like these a lot.. they have a lot of volume as far as the number of lashes but the individual lashes have varying thicknesses….the end effect looks like very soft fur and they look super natural. The rest are from 100 yen shops.

Diamond lashes:

That’s a lot lashes per pack! I’m unsure of where to buy these online :( But I think these will last me a long time.. I don’t go through lashes that fast! I’ve tried on a pair from the middle set so far… I love spiky falsies with volume! 😀

Thanks for reading! :)

♥ E&I