Living + Dining Room Plan

TA-DAH! This is the bare bones plan for my living and dining areas… These are items I’m set on actually buying. I already have the console, dining table and mongolian lamb pillow and now I just need the dining table, chairs, rug and sofa.

Funny how plain this setup compares to my previous dining and living room moodboards…that’s what happens when real money comes into play I guess:

I’ve scoured the web for a reasonably priced rustic dining table but the dining area is small, so I’m limited to a round table. IKEA’s LEKSVIK is the most rustic round table I could find.. plus its solid wood instead of particle board.

What I drew my inspiration from:

The chairs… well I’ve been dreaming of this kind of dining chair for years so this is 100% set.

I’ll admit this moodboard/plan looks VERY boring… but with the right accessories I’ll add my own touch to it :).

Keywords/phrases I’m trying to incorporate into the space: modern with a little bit of glam, zen, clean, warm and cozy.

♥ E&I

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