Seven Things

So I was given a ‘Versatile Blogger Award’ by The Little Dust Princess a while ago and now I’m finally following up on it! Thanks to TLDP for tagging me.. my first bloggie award ever.. and subsequently my first ‘tag’ post =)

Seven Things About Myself:

  1. I don’t eat my vegetables. I know.. it’s so bad for me.  I don’t eat salads, and I only eat tomatoes if its in bruchetta.  The only green veggie I can tolerate is broccoli..otherwise if its not soft and boiled in a soup (bok choi, potatoes, carrots) I probably don’t eat it.  My mom definitely is not proud of me. Haha.
  2. In college I once spontaneously cut more than 12″ of my hair off to get a semi-pixie haircut.. on Valentine’s day. And yes I had a boyfriend.  He liked it and I liked it for a while but my face is definitely too round for that type of cut plus I got tired of styling it all the time.
  3. I performed Japanese taiko drumming in college for 3 years!  I miss it and I took a class earlier in the year for a bit to re-live it again.
  4. I sang in choir in high school as a Soprano 1 and I still have the ability to harmonize to most melodies.
  5. I tend to eat white rice with everything.  Even with other carbs… ramen noodles!  Instead of steak and potatoes I eat steak with rice.
  6. I was on my college crew team as a coxswain for one quarter.  As coxswains you have to steer the boat and yell at the guys for motivation. We had to work out with the guys too (it was a respect thing) and honestly I’ve never felt so much physical strain my life. Haha.
  7. I can touch my tongue to my chin!

♥ E&I