Hi everyone =) I’m still alive… just working and still settling into the new place.

I still don’t feel like the condo is picture worthy yet but I will be sure to take some “before” pics soon to post up.

Some recent updates:

  • Went to my company Christmas party where they had prizes throughout the night… and I happened to win the grand prize which was an Ipad!  Pretty darn insane since I consider myself to be unlucky and I never won anything this big up until now.  I brought my dad to the party as my date and I think he was my good luck charm =)  I still am so surprised and so very thankful! Still playing around with apps… got any good apps to recommend?
  • Bought some furniture already… 3 white parsons desks from Overstock (2 for the home office, 1 for bedroom vanity)
  • I’m currently in the process of replacing all my white plastic hangers to flocked slimline hangers.  (I HATE putting clothes in dresser drawers so I don’t have any) I bought 2 sets of 50 and guess what.. I ran out of hangers.  Looks like I need to purge more =(
  • I’ve been wearing falsies every day to work now and it is becoming easier every day!  Just a little hint of something special to make the day special, you know? =)
  • Spending on clothing and accessories have been put on hold for now.  I realize I have too many things anyway that I need to organize so its on the backburner.

Anyway thats whats up right now with my life…. I hope you have a great Wednesday today! =)

♥ E&I

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