The new place!

Hi everyone =)

I took a few photos with my cell before moving in.. even though the quality isn’t that great I wanted to share my true “before” photos.  The condo isn’t huge (~850 square feet) but its more than enough space for just me.

The view of the living room:  (note that the condo was partly staged at the time, these aren’t my furnishings)

The fireplace juts out awkwardly in the middle of the room but I guess its better than having no fireplace at all…

The dining area:


My modest little kitchen:

Laminate flooring (I’ve never had non-carpeted flooring before so this is new for me)

Master bedroom (wasn’t able to get a good angle but the room looks bigger than this!)  The sellers also left the curtains here and I will switch it out eventually.

Master bathroom:  (there is a small closet on the right and a larger closet on the left in the actual bathroom)


Guest bedroom / home office:  Primarily for my computer and crafting desk for my Etsy shop:

And that’s it!  =)  More photos to come since I already started furnishing a bit.

♥ E&I

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