Review: Clarisonic Mia

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Phew this review has been a long time coming. My skin is typically combination: dry cheeks combined with oily breakout-prone T-zone. And since hitting my mid-20s my overall skin texture has gone haywire with more flakies and little bumps :( I decided to buy partly because of the 30% discount and also to see if could get rid of my recurring flakies.

The retail price for the MIA is currently $149 at Sephora. Sephora only has the white version but the Clarisonic site sells the white, yellow, pink, blue, lavender and red colors for the same price of $149 before shipping.

If you’re interested in buying I suggest that you try to shop around for coupon codes from a reputable dealer first before you take the plunge… the MIA is still expensive despite it being the cheaper and smaller version of Clarisonic Classic ($195).

In the past I didn’t want to spend this amount of money on a ‘vibrating brush’… I bought one of these instead:

…A $5 Japanese soft massaging face brush. I assumed it’d probably do the same job if i massaged in circles.

Boy was I wrong.

Now I can confidently say that after nearly 3 months of using it I’m SO incredibly happy with my MIA purchase. It blew my $5 face brush out of the water.. my flakies have gone down tremendously and my skin texture was noticeably smoother in just a few days. It’s not a miracle skincare tool however.. I still break out occasionally but I’d say that the best improvement overall is my skin texture. If you are acne prone I wouldn’t expect miracles… depending on how your skin reacts to exfoliation it can either help or hinder your acne.

The first time I used the MIA, the vibrating sensation was so strange… my skin felt almost numb with the vibrations, especially around my nose. I got used to it after a few tries though. I typically use mine in the shower.

– The MIA can be used 20 times on one charge
– Automatically shuts off after one minute of use, so that any unnecessary exfoliation is minimized
– Completely waterproof and usable in the shower or bath
– Smaller more compact, with compact charger for travel
– You can use any cleanser you prefer, but do not use with rough granulated exfoliators
– Comes in various colors

– Expensive for something that “just washes your face”
– Potentially too stimulating for sensitive skin (if so, reduce pressure and frequency)
– Brush head refills are expensive

I’m really happy that the MIA worked well for me… but it may not work well for all. Make sure to do your research before you buy and good luck =)

♥ E&I