Amazing thrift find: Vintage Dior Blazer

I went thrifting with my dad a couple days ago and right before checkout I stumbled upon this vintage Christian Dior blazer for $30. Cream wool, 1980’s sharp shoulders, collarless, new with tags and in a size 2P!


I peeked at the tag quickly and saw that it was made in the USA. My dad was paying for his thrift goodies at the register and I bolted to a tiny mirror to try it on… the fit seemed good but I still wasn’t 100% sure. And I wasn’t completely sure about authenticity and if Dior was made in the USA in the 80’s so I left it there and went home.

I did some Googling to check out other vintage Dior blazers and lo and behold, yes they were made in the USA!


So this past Thursday after work I go back to the thrift store and there was a huge painted sign on the windows: “FRIDAYS 50% CLOTHES AND SHOES!” After verifying with the store attendant that this was true, I immediately called my dad to swing by today to get it for me. $15!

And even though I got it without trying it on in the mirror, today I am sold :)

Sorry for the blurry pictures.. I was in a rush!

This outfit:
Christian Dior Blazer (80’s) Size 2- ($15 gifted by dad)
Gap Legging Jeans 00R
Forever 21 suedette slingback stilettos (current)
Banana Republic pink top Size XS, also thrifted

I’m so happy :)

♥ E&I