Charlotte Russe’s Dupe for J. Crew’s Metallic Belts

I absolutely LOVE J. Crew’s skinny metallic belts and crushed glitter belts; they appear in stores every winter and I feel they can work well into the spring and fall seasons too.

Here is a gold J. Crew belt as modeled by Kathryn of In Pursuit of Pretty Things:

Pretty, no?

Since the holidays are over I don’t think they’re in stock anymore on the J. Crew site but I believe they go for around $30?

I stumbled upon some inexpensive belts from Charlotte Russe that are very similar: skinny, metallic and in a variety of colors….

3 belts on clearance for $4.99! (blue, seafoam green and silver)

I also got an additional gold belt for $1.99.

The hardware may not be as nice, but for a handful of color choices I won’t complain.

I don’t see any of these belts online anymore but check your local Charlotte Russe and see.

♥ E&I