How to: Easy succulent container gardening

Its spring!

Now that I have a place of my own and a cute little patio, I’ve gotten the gardening bug.  I’m not very good at taking care of orchids indoors, but I have yet to kill a single succulent plant in the 2 years.  And I consider myself to have a.. black thumb.  If I can do it, anyone can really. :)

Here’s a shot of my front steps leading to my place.  I tried to make it cute and happy so I could already feel at home before I walk inside:

{tiger pot from Daiso, outdoor mat from Ikea}

I love succulents!  They are visually intriguing, easy to maintain and very hardy.   I’ve forgotten to water them for months (although I wouldn’t recommend it, haha) and they still manage to survive.  AWESOME!

When I was living at my old apartment, I used tiny plant pots because I didn’t have much space.  If you don’t have an outdoor area of your own, try putting your little pot indoors next to a window. :)

What you’ll need:

  • Medium sized pebbles found outside or ‘soil cover’ at the hardware store
  • A pretty little pot from Ikea (here I’m using one without a drainage hole, $2.50)
  • Single pot of succulent plant ($2-$4)
  • Bag of Cactus/palm soil ($5)
  • Gloves

Here’s what the bag of soil looks like:

I bought this little bag of white marble soil cover on sale for $2.50… but if you have rocks lying around outside, you can use those.  You can’t beat free!

And let’s not forget the actual plants!

For my white pots….I’m using Ikea ceramic pots and DIY’d old Method candle holders.  I remember two years ago Tiffany from Styleish posted a tutorial on how to create the candle holders into instant anything holders and I realized I had those exact candles! Yay!  I bought a bunch of them on the cheap at Big Lots for a few dollars each, and I ended up using them as pencil cups and brush holders for makeup.  Now I’m using them for plant pots!

Okay lets start!

Since these pots don’t have drainage holes, you have to line it with about 1″ of rocks.  This ensures that the roots of the plant don’t sit in any pooled water and rot.

Cover the rocks with a bit of soil just so that the rocks don’t show through:

Then gently remove the succulents from their plastic containers and place inside the pot:

Gently scoop up extra soil (using the original little plastic pot it came out of makes it very easy) and fill in the space between the plant and the pot:

Then water the pot enough so that it’s moist but not drenched. This helps the roots settle into the new soil.  I’ve read the ideal soil moisture is that of a wrung out sponge… pretty dry.  So just water once a week and remember not to over-water.  Normally I don’t have them in full sun so part shade is okay.

That’s it, really!

The crazy thing about succulents is.. if you cut off a piece and stick it in soil, it will sprout roots and grow.  Magical!!!

I have other succulent plants on hand so I added a few clippings to fill up the space:


Now that we’re on the topic of outdoor ‘decorating,’ I wanted to share my new find I got from Ross.. a pretty ceramic garden stool!   Not sure if I’m going to use this as a plant stand or table yet though.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this tutorial if you’re interested in bringing a little bit of green into your space. :)

♥ E&I