tried and true recipes

Hi everyone! I’ve been trying not to shop lately so I’ve been keeping busy doing my nails and cooking with my SO. We love trying new recipes and finding new favorites! Our plan is to end up with a recipe book filled with our best finds so we can share it with family and friends in the future. And at the same time, we can save money from eating out and spend some quality time together while cooking. :)

Here are a few recipes we’ve tried in the last year that have been real successes and I’d like to share the wealth!

Pineapple Teriyaki Meatballs

The sauce takes a while to make in the crockpot but it is SO worth it. Thumbs up from the BF! I’m partial to picking out the pineapple pieces in Hawaiian pizza so this is right up my alley.


My BF grew up with this at home and it is an INSANELY delicious comfort food. I could eat it for days with white rice. The cumin powder is key!!!

Bacon wrapped tofu

What is there to say!? It’s bacon. :) Savory and easy to make!

Fish chowder

A little more variety in ingredients, but surprisingly easy to make once everything is cut up. I added more bay seasoning than the original recipe so it was tastier :)

Spicy szechuan wontons

Folding the wontons are a little slow in the beginning before you get the hang of it. The sauce has just enough spice and its best served fresh so that the wontons don’t stick together. You can even make a simple soup out of chicken broth, garlic and lots of white pepper to accompany the wontons instead.

Spicy honey chicken

BF and I just made this last night and it. is. SOOOO. GOOOOOD. (We used chicken thighs with skin, however, and added additional spice rub between the skin and the meat.) This recipe is definitely a keeper and would be amazing for any potluck or summer barbecue. We even used an electric grill to cook it and the honey glaze caramelized beautifully!

As far as keeping track of my recipes, when I come across an interesting recipe over the internet, I save it in my Pinterest account in my “Yummies” section. If the recipes don’t turn out to be keepers, I delete them from the list! Pinterest is also great for online inspiration in general :)

Enjoooy! 😀

Tried and true recipes 2

♥ E&I