Review: Lace shorts from

Lace shorts for Spring!

I bought 2 pairs this month from but unfortunately the black one currently is out of stock! Good news is the cream pair ($31.70) also comes in black! (Pardon my pasty legs and dusty mirror)

EDIT: Also found here! Thanks Chauieee3!!

Before I caved and bought these I scoured the mall to find a cheaper alternative since ~$30 for a pair of shorts was a bit steep to me. Well I found nothing like these! I’m more comfortable in shorts than skirts and I figured this would be nice to wear out and I wouldn’t be afraid of showing too much leg when getting out of cars. :)



(Bow blouse by 3.1 Philip Lim (blogged here), pumps by Max Studio(blogged here)

For reference I’m a size 24-25 in pants and I’m 5’1″. The cream shorts are a little loose but nothing to cry about! Sorry about the blurry pic!

View of the side zipper:

I really love these cream shorts! I’m glad I bought them… I don’t have anything like it and its a cute alternative to a skirt.

Aimee from Song of Style recently wore lace shorts in this post (so gorgeous!), and the black shorts I bought from Go Jane were the same style but in black.

(Wearing a thrifted J. Crew button down with the same Max Studio pumps)

This one is a little bit smaller around the waist but I can still tuck in a shirt.

The leg opening on the bottom is a little wider than the cream pair. The inseam is also shorter…. So I’d say this style is better for going out at night or with some kind of hosiery. It’s cute but borderline scandalous. You’ll see what I mean.

Unlike the cream this one is 100% polyester, and with a hidden zipper.

It’s too bad you can’t see the detail as much with the black pair, but I’d say they’re more wearable for different occasions. The cream would only be for spring or summer in my eyes. Yes they’re a bit short, so if you’re not afraid of showing some leg I recommend them 😀

Thanks for reading! :)

♥ E&I