PFC #8: Spinning the Favorite

PFC #8 Challenge: “Spinning The Favorite”

Many times we settle with a style and rarely venture out to explore new ways to piece clothes and style outfits in new and different ways. With this month, I’m hoping for all of us to venture out of our comfort zones to expand our styling skills.

Thus, the challenge will be to take a “go-to” outfit, put a spin on it by styling it in a different way but still keeping a couple of essential components.

If I didn’t care about repeating outfits, I would wear a striped 3/4 sleeve top and skinny jeans with ballet flats EVERYDAY. I love breton tops/striped shirts so much that I have 4 close variations of the same shirt: white with dark stripes! (I also have a black one with white stripes from Banana Republic not pictured here.. shhh!)

And on top of that I have 5 pairs of Gap legging jeans in nearly every wash so its easy to see how I’m able to wear this ‘uniform’ often. This ensemble is very gamine/european chic IMHO and I think I’ll love this combo forever.

For this PF challenge I decided to amp up the shirt a bit by adding “paper-bag” silk trousers with snakeskin heels, and I topped it all off with a casual straw hat. I then added my hand-me-down LV crossbody bag and a lace bow necklace I bought from Japan to add a little quirkiness.

Part casual, part fancy with a bit of cute mixed in! 😀

Top from H&M
Silk pants from Forever 21
Snakeskin hHeels by BCBG
Vintage LV bag
Bow necklace from Japan
Straw hat from Abercrombie

Thanks for reading :)

♥ E&I