I finally bought a light for the dining room after months of searching! Here’s what I bought:

A sputnik chandelier! (“sputnik” means “satellite” in Russian and this style of light resembles satellites or in my opinion, flowers or bursting stars. Very mod 1960s!)

[buy from various sources here]

This AF Lighting chandelier is from The Foundary (personal invite here) and I bought it for $255 after taxes and shipping, which is nearly $100 less than most deals I’ve found online. Yes I’ve gone overbudget on my Home Decor category for this but I feel that lighting is very important in a space, especially for the kitchen and dining room.

Have you heard of the expression that lighting is “jewelry for the home?” I think that rings true! Good lighting is generally expensive and you have to find an electrician to hard wire it for you. I’ve felt so much pressure to get it right! Luckily I found a good deal on a light that I love…plus Justin is super handy and my go-to-guy for projects like this!




The bulbs are half-dipped in chrome and the light itself is super bright! I’m definitely going to get a dimmer for this. Thank you Justin :) <3

Here's Buddy sleeping after a hard day's work of supervising:

Thanks for reading! :)

♥ E&I